“Mike, You built our beautiful custom home in Edgewood in 2000, and a large custom shop for us in Sumner in 2006. As you know, we are currently building another custom home here in Prescott Valley in Northern Az. We were fortunate to find one of the area’s better builders and the home is proceeding somewhat on plan. We are scheduled to be complete by the end of the month, but will likely run into mid Nov or so.

We want to tell you how much we miss your accountability, skill and absolute pride you take in the quality of your work. The countless number of issues we have had to find and identify to our contractor as the result of his sub’s work has been shocking to us and down right disappointing. Our contractor has been great about fixing them, but usually after we have pointed them out, or questioned the quality. There is a real issue in this area with skill dilution, as is probably the case with many areas in the country after the recent recession when so many craftsman left the trade. But I think the more urgent issue to address is the lack of pride so many of the trades seem to take in their work. It’s like sometimes they know it is a sub-standard job, but if you don’t find it or call it out, it’s must be ok.

Billie and I continually say things like ” if this was Mike Schwartz’s ‘s job, it would have been fixed before it turned into an issue”, or “Mike Schwartz would never accept sub-standard quality or pass it on to his customer”. We even use you as an example to our contractor and the subs we have had to have this type of discussion with.

So in addition to being a good friend, we want to thank you for being a outstanding builder who we believe would never shortchange a customer, and an individual who takes pride in their work. One who teaches, encourages, and expects that same level of quality from others, those on your team, or sub-contracting for you. Should you ever need a reference for a potential future customer, please have them contact us!”

Jared & Billie Weeks

“It was a great decision to hire Mike Schwartz Construction to build our custom home.
We wanted to be very involved in the building process and Mike worked tirelessly and patiently
to make our vision a reality. From adjusting and readjusting our architectural plans to helping
us select a fabulous front door, Mike’s experience provided the advice and expertise needed to
make sound decisions. We were especially appreciative of his ability to educate us in the
“realities of house construction” and his sense of humor as we worked through the process.
Mike is a true craftsman, on the job every day, alone or with his team to make sure each job is
a job well done.
Mike’s pride in his own and his company’s work and his commitment to our satisfaction made
us feel confident even when we were out of town for extended periods of time. We trusted him.
In our opinion it is rare these days to find a company dedicated to the level of quality and
customer service that we found with Mike Schwartz Construction. Mike didn’t just build us a
house, he built us a home.”

Ann & Les Bryan, Puyallup WA